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Bridge the Gap in your build or renovation with the following 3D services:

Front facade 3D visualisation


Bring your plans to life with 3D visualisations!

Built from the information in your 2D plans, this service takes a step into the future, allowing you to discover your new home in it's completed form.

Experience all elements of your proposed design so you can make informed decisions & build with confidence.

what you need:

Full set of finished plans from your builder or architect that includes the final floorplan, exterior elevations, relevant joinery information & list of colour selections.


3D Model built to scale.

Final package of model images.

*Up to 3 colour revisions.

1 x complimentary rendering per room.

Access to content in Dropbox.

Looking to customise your interior?

Explore the following design services:


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New home kitchen concept design Polytec natural oak
New home front facade render monster homes

client review

"When we engaged Sarah to assist us to make some colour selections for our upcoming build, we underestimated the value and support she could offer as we navigated these important decisions.

Sarah has blown us away by her service offering and professional knowledge, delivering detailed modelled images of our project and high quality rendered images which has given us a complete understanding of our final finishes.

Sarah delivers a clever design, carefully considering the practicalities of each space and making very thoughtful recommendations. She is meticulous in her selections and shows great determination to find the right product to suit the clients needs. We highly recommend Sarah's services and we will be pleased to use Sarah's services again in the future. Thank you Sarah"


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