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New home Super White Kitchen with brushed brass tapware white & black joinery



The design for this elegant residence was developed & refined using 3D modelling techniques.

After the plans were finalised by the architect the homeowner & I met over a series of zoom calls to work on the 3D Concept Design together. During the following months we collaboratively developed her beautiful home until this stunning design was achieved. Julie was able to see her vision & ideas come to life & proceed to build with confidence knowing that her new home would be everything she wanted & more.

Photographed by Nick De Lorenzo

client review

"Sarah was amazing to work with, she brought my vision to life by understanding how I imagined the final project would turn out to be. We collaborated together to create an amazing outcome, and I am extremely grateful for her knowledge and patience.

She answered all my questions even if they sounded silly. Sarah is an amazing person who went out of her way to teach me the modelling process where I can see our collaborated designs. I can't wait to work with her again with our next build."



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