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Learn about the modelling process & how working in 3D can benefit you.

Get ready for 3D magic!

Your home is your biggest investment!

Making well informed decisions throughout the development process is crucial to avoid unwanted mistakes.

By building a 3D model of your project we can create stunning visualisations that allow you to easily understand how your new home will turn out.

Together let’s Bridge the Gap in your build or reno so you can proceed with confidence & achieve the home of your dreams.

What is 3D Modelling?

3D Modelling is the process of building a three demential, digital representation of an object or space. It's a great way to communicate how something that doesn't exist yet will look once competed.

Anything can be modelled up. From kitchens to bathrooms & everything in between. In any style & any size. No matter what your design goals are, creating in 3D is a game changer allowing you to 'try before you buy'.

Working in 3D accurately represents spacial relationships of different elements within a room. This helps to identify flaws before construction, saving you time & money in the long run. It gives you the opportunity to create without consequence & trial different outcomes before you start building.

What to expect with your 3D Modelling service

How it Works.

Once you’ve received the final drafts from your builder or architect we can interpret the information to build a 3D model.

Once the model is completed multiple viewpoints are set to show the space from different perspectives. This will give you an exceptionally clear understanding of the whole design.

You'll receive a large folder of images taken from your model showing each room from multiple perspectives.


There are varying levels of detail you can achieve in 3D but renderings are by far the most superior type of design visualisation.

Renderings are high-level realistic impressions of the intended outcome & are created from your final 3D model.

Rendered images communicate extra detail like shadow, texture & lighting which helps to increase the level of realism. This is the most effective tool to determine how a design will look in real life.

The Benefits.

  • Visualise & understand plans

  • Discover preferred material & finish selections

  • Trial & compare colour schemes

  • Workshop layout & floorplan

  • Determine fixture, appliance & plumbing locations

  • Transform ideas into one cohesive scheme

  • Identify spacial & layout flaws before construction

  • Eliminate mistakes saving you time & money


Discover your interior style by trailing different material & finish combinations in your 3D model.


The detail provided in 3D can expose problem areas before construction saving you time & money in the long run.


Know that your layout & design is exactly what you envisioned before you sign the dotted line.

3D photo realistic interior concept design visualisation new home design

There's no 30 day free trial when building or renovating a home so it's essential to have complete clarity & understanding of your design before construction starts.

Discover your visual pathway today with the following services:


OR request the 3D Service Guide:

New build master ensuite rendering
New build front facade rendering

client review

"Honestly, if you are building a new home, or renovating and redecorating, Sarah is an essential part of your plan! We reached out to Sarah after admiring her work on Instagram, in preparation for design and selections of our new home!

Keen to ensure that we had support to avoid our home looking like hot mess, Sarah was a brilliant guide, from our first intro meeting, right through the process. She was generous with her time, her knowledge, and was a superb listener. Her work was outstanding quality, and great value for money!It's allowed us to breeze through the selections process, feeling confident we will end up with a beautiful home that feels like us!

We couldn't recommend the experience more highly and have already recommended her services to friends and family! We will definitely be reaching out again for styling advice as the project moves along! Thanks, Sarah!"



Thanks for reaching out. I'll be in touch soon!

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