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Correct quilt size & pillow formulas for your bed + BONUS cushion tips


Pro Home Style Guide - Bedroom 01 is the perfect resource for those who are looking to elevate their bedroom style. It holds industry secrets to mastering the correct quilt size & pillow formulas for your bed so you can achieve the pro look you've been searching for. A well styled bed starts with what’s on the inside - get this right & you'll set the foundation to beautiful styling for years to come.




  • Ideal quilt size & pillow combos for your bed
  • BONUS cushion tips!
  • Formulas for bed sizes including BUNKS, SINGLE, KING SINGLE, DOUBLE, QUEEN & KING
  • BONUS summary table
  • 11 page digital PDF interactive document
  • This is a digital, downloadable product

‘Pro Home Style Guide - Bedroom 01’ is the first in it’s series. I hope to bring you more in this range very soon. Stay tuned!

Pro Home Style Guide - Bedroom 01

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